What Other Have to Say

“I was reflecting on how long the Kearny/Wells Fargo relationship has lasted. Actually, it’s the Dritley/Wells Fargo relationship, as it predates Kearny’s birth as a company. The remarkable thing about that is how varied the types of business have been …. land, ground-up construction, repositioning, empty buildings, NPL portfolios, crazy creative structures like Los Angeles Air Force Base. I am hard pressed to think of comparable (and consistently successful) variety from one customer. It gives me confidence that we will always find ways to do business together, both in the present and the future.”

– Ray Lowe, Managing Director, Wells Fargo Bank

“It is a real pleasure to be a tenant of Five-Thirty B building. Peterson Reporting has been located in Suite 350 since 2000, and we have seen first-hand the many incredible design changes throughout the building. These changes include the Sky Terrace, which we enjoy daily, and the privilege of utilizing the beautiful new conference facilities. The entire Kearny Team is easy to work with, responsive, efficient, flexible and generous. Again, it is a sincere pleasure to work in such a beautiful building and with a responsible team dedicated to their tenants’ satisfaction.”

– Brenda S. Peterson, President, Peterson Reporting

“We have worked with Jeff Dritley and the Kearny team for over two decades. Kearny has been an outstanding real estate investor and operating partner through the cycles. We have worked together on many product types and strategies, and Kearny has executed with consistent quality and focus. We look forward to being partners for decades to come.”

– Kev Zoryan, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Real Estate

“From the early stages of planning through construction completion, Kearny Real Estate Company worked well with the City of Pasadena. Their redevelopment and thoughtful design not only has enhanced the East Pasadena environment, it has helped the City to expand and retain some of its biggest employers.”

– Eric Duyshart, City of Pasadena

“In the six years I served as Mayor of El Segundo, I never worked with a more professional firm than Kearny Real Estate. Their efforts to help us save the Los Angeles Air Force Base were unparalleled. I have nothing but the greatest respect and admiration for Jeff Dritley and his team.”>

– late Mike Gordon, former Mayor of El Segundo

“The Kearny team was very cooperative and professional. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional and sophisticated team on the other side of the transaction.”

– Larry Lawrence, Sr. Vice President, Union Bank